The Blessing of the Grounds

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, the community came together to bless the grounds intended for the construction of the Cancer Survivors Park, and to re-dedicate our combined efforts towards creating a sacred, healing place for anyone touched by cancer.

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The Blessing

As we bless this ground, we stand at a sacred intersection where science and technology meet grace and humanity. As we bless this ground, we set it apart for the special purpose of healing body, mind, and spirit.

May the Architect of our lives:

Bless those whose vision has brought us to this moment. Those who gave form to the void; who have labored and continue to labor tirelessly to raise resources and develop the relationships necessary to create and sustain it; who researched needs and best practices, created and refined plans, and laid a firm foundation for the building of this special place.

Bless those who will construct this park and all its elements. May they have safe working conditions and may no harm befall them. May the jobs created by this project sustain families who call the Upstate their home. May they take pride in the work they do and the results of their efforts. 

Bless those to whom this park is dedicated — the cancer survivors. May they find hope through the darkness and be blessed by the knowledge that they are never alone. Give them the gifts of a survivor spirit that they may learn to appreciate the sacredness of each moment and dedicate themselves to living each day to the fullest.

Bless those who care for and comfort those fighting the disease for they too are survivors — no life is left untransformed by cancer. May this place nurture their souls and provide for them the gifts of knowledge, faith, and community.

Bless too the invisible survivors — those who have lost someone to cancer and whose grief often takes them to dark and lonely places. They are their loved one's survivor — the ones charged with remembering and celebrating a life well lived. Bless them that they may find peace and healing and through the sacredness of this place, learn to celebrate life in all its fullness once again.

Bless this ground that gives of itself to support this park and its mission. Bless the earth teeming with life, serving as a visible and reassuring reminder of the rhythms and continuity of life. May it live lightly on this earth — using resources sparingly and respectfully.

Bless all the spaces that they may be tranquil enough to provide respite and rejuvenation, grand enough to provide inspiration and motivation, and strong enough to hold our sorrows as well as our joy.

As many have partnered together to create the vision for this park, bless us that we may also partner with you, the Almighty, to develop it into a sacred space where all those touched by cancer can experience the healing touch of your hand through your gift of nature and its ever-present and ever-changing beauty.

Go in peace to love and serve the world. Amen. 

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