The intent of the Cancer Survivors Park is to create a space which provides:

  • A Space for Celebration: The natural setting will serve to remind us of the fragility and sacredness of life. A venue for the entire community to come together to honor all those impacted by cancer -- no matter where they are along the path in their personal cancer journey.

  • A Space for Learning: An innovative and informative presentation that shares information on appropriate screening, detection, and treatment, and how to learn to live beyond cancer. Gardens remind us of the sacredness of life. They offer peaceful spaces to engage mind, body, and spirit in the journey toward healing.

  • A Space for Healing: The Cancer Survivors Park reminds everyone that even cancer cannot keep us from living life fully and focusing on what is really of value in our lives. In creating the park, our community embraces that healing spirit, coming together in unique ways to create a place of healing for everyone.

  • A Space for Hope: Living with cancer involves more than battling the disease. It also involves dealing with fear, uncertainty, and feelings of loss of control over one's life. The park will provide a message of life beyond cancer delivered not only through the stories of those who used their cancer experience as a turning point to re-evaluate priorities and make positive changes to reach a greater potential, but also through activities that promote individual action toward enhanced well-being.

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