Sunshine for the Soul (Lindsey Bates Motley Book)

Sunshine for the Soul 

Sunshine for the Soul was written by local author, Stephanie Morgan, and illustrated by Marquin Campbell. It contains inspirational thoughts from life with Lindsey Bates Motley, who lost her battle with Colon Cancer far too soon. The book contains excerpts from the journal she kept, as well as memories from those who knew her most intimately. 

The book was funded by the Greenville Country Medical Society Alliance (GCMSA), as Lindsey was a shining example of GCMSA principles. Learn more about them HERE.

All proceeds from the book benefit the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance. The Park features a spot dedicated directly to Lindsey, called the Leap of Faith, on the canopy Boardwalk. Her father, Tom Bates, currently serves as the President of the CSPA Board of Directors, and was the key fundraiser in the money for the dedication of the Leap of Faith to Lindsey. 

To purchase the book for $20 - with the option of a $5 mailing fee if you want us to mail your book, CLICK HERE. Sunshine for the Soul is also available, with limited supply, at Paisley and Paper in Greenville, SC. 




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