Hope Collins


The Power of HOPE

My name is Hope Collins and the origin of my name means so much to my family. When my father was in his early 30ís, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Because of his treatments, my parents were told that it would be unlikely for them to have any more children. Much to their surprise, they found out they were expecting their second child, another little girl. They decided to name her Hope, in hopes that my father would beat his cancer and that he would have the opportunity to see me and my older sister grow up. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer about a year after I was born, but my name has given my family and me a way to honor his legacy. The name Hope is a true testament to his strength and courage to keep fighting for his girls and my name has also encouraged me to find hope in my own challenges of loss and love in joyful and difficult seasons. While, I wish he was here on Earth, I know I have a beautiful and hopeful angel watching over our family and Iím grateful that I have the opportunity to honor him each and every day through my name. There is so much to be hopeful for - in the midst of treatment, after the victory of beating cancer and even following the loss of a loved one. Keep finding the hope each and every day.  

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