Current Exhibits

Come to the Center for Hope and Healing at the Cancer Survivors Park to view our current exhibits which explore the relationship between cancer and art as well as the stories of those who have been affected by and are survivors of cancer.

This exhibit will run from July 9th through August 3rd.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  9am – 11am

Tuesday, Thursday:  4pm – 6pm

Admission: free

DIRECT EXPERIENCE: The Survivorship Journey through Art

This exhibit reflects the powerful role that art can play in navigating the cancer journey. The ten artists provide us a visceral, visual glimpse into how they were able to use their creativity to help them express their emotions, maintain a positive attitude and a sense of peace, and allow the process to become a healing experience.

While the mediums differ and are as unique as the individuals themselves, each of these artists share the Direct Experience of being a cancer patient and then a cancer survivor. They remind us that while no two paths through cancer are the same, we share a common destination – Survivorship.

The artists have used a variety of mediums as vehicles of artistic and emotional expression: paper making, photography, wood-turning, acrylic, watercolor, collage, and mixed media.

Featured artists: Monita Mahoney, Elisa M. Golden, Mike Stomer, Linda Williams McCune, Susanne Floyd Gunter, Carole Knudson Tinsley, Cheryl Lecroy, Carol Funke, Christina Laurel, Marilyn Murr

Survivor Series:

This exhibit is a part of an ongoing project that was started in 2015. Although there are some pieces on display at the Center for Hope and Healing, there is a larger exhibit currently being held at The Blood Connection. To learn more click here.

Started as a social media campaign, the Survivor Series features Mark Kirby’s captivating photographic style besides survivor stories written and edited by Emily Price. The Survivor Series is an honest sharing of cancer survivor stories meant to showcase the individual experience and promote the ultimate goal of CSPA and change the way we live with cancer.

To learn more about the Survivors Series, click here.

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