CHOP! Cancer 2017

CHOP! Cancer 2017 was a sold out success!  Thank you Greenville for your amazing support! 

Top Fundraiser Champion:  Lynda Leventis-Wells
Top Culinary Team Champion:   Fired Up!

Sneak peek below of the evening's successes!  



Professional Chef Mentors: Chef Teryi Youngblood Musolf and Chef Victor Singleton

Event Emcees: Mary Freeman & Teryi Y. Musolf

Judges:  Chef Francis Turck, Cliffs Communites, Chef Adam Hayes, Canyon Kitchen, Eleanor Rogers, Upstate Foodie

Team 1 - Zous Chefs:                   Team 2 - Fired Up:                         Team 3 - Fork Cancer:
Dr. Carlton Schwab (CAR)          Dr. Cedrek McFadden (CED)         Dr. Fahd Quddus (FAH)
Allison Rush Goldsmith (ALL)   Dr. Kevin Keller (KEV)                  Tiby Weinstein  (TIB)
Rosylin Weston (ROS)                Hunter Garrett  (HUN)                     Fritzi Barbour (FRI)
Phil Canale (PHI)                        Lynda Leventis-Wells (LYN)          Jim Dant (JIM)
Maggie Rawlins Douglas (MAG)    Debra Strange (DEB)                  Zane Meadors  (ZAN)
John Zimmerman (JOH               Bradley McCrary (BRA)                 Susan Christian (SUS)

Thank you our CHOP! 2017 Committee:
Co-Chairs: Rita Stone and Meredith Kinsey
Ashley Bates

Rhett Brown
Eleven Events

Helen Hagood

Polly Joyner

Mary Pat Minor

Ann Rawlins

Alita Webster

CHOP! Cancer 2017 Chef Videos:
Fritzi and Fahd
Tiby and Susan
Jim and Zane
John and Allison
Phil and Maggie



Enjoy these videos from the 2016 CHOP! Cancer event:
Susan and Satreva
Maurie and Megan

Bill and Dan
Chris and Polly

Mary and Charlie

Annalynn and Susan

Jenny and Jim

Amanda and Glenn

Fred and Alex

Chef and Carol


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