Changing the way we live with cancer

A Space for Celebration

What is now an overgrown patch of land between Falls Park and Cleveland Park will become a unique 6.8-acre Cancer Survivors Park. The master plan for the park will bring improved access to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and across the Reedy River as well as new sculpture and gathering spaces for education and celebration. 

A Space for Learning

Gardens remind us of the sacredness of life. They offer peace and a space to engage mind, body, and spirit in the journey toward healing. Faith leaders and community members came together for the Blessing of the Grounds on the Cancer Survivors Park and all who will enter its gates. 

A Space for Healing 

The purpose of the Cancer Survivors Park is to remind everyone that even cancer cannot keep us from living life fully and focusing on what is really of value in our lives. In creating the park, our community has embraced that healing spirit, coming together in unique ways to create a place of healing for everyone.


Creating Hope

Living with cancer involves more than battling the disease. It also involves dealing with fear, uncertainty, and feelings of loss of control over one's life. The Cancer Survivors Park is designed to provide hope and inspiration to anyone touched by cancer as a survivor, a caregiver, or someone who lost a loved one to the disease.

"Gardens reflect life. They are ever-changing and ever-renewing. They often times present tremendous challenges and don't turn out exactly as planned, but with persistence, the rewards are worth the efforts. There is a rhythm to a garden - a continuity that offers hope and a sense of peace. A stroll through a garden invigorates the spirit and reanchors us within the cycles of life."

Tom Keith, Founding Member, Cancer Survivors Park